Everything is AK-OK

What a difference an A makes. Anamika Khanna transmits a crisp and clear message that “Everything is AK-OK” in her powerful Spring Summer 2019 collection. She constructs the word AK-OK as she constructs her garments, sensitively layering Indian and international as well as traditional and futuristic references to create unique clothing that empowers women to let their spirit run free. Free from norms, free from expectations, free from rules, free from limitations: free to fly.

Anamika’s twin sons flew far away from home to study at USC in Los Angeles, and mother and sons had to communicate across vast distances, often about heavy topics such as Anamika’s health. NASA invented the term A-OK during the height of the 1960s USA Space Program – apparently because the sharp sound of an “A” could cut through static and space easier than the sound of an “O.” Harnessing the transmission power of the term A-OK and adding personal twist of Anamika’s initials- A-OK became AK-OK – a secret code that would travel back and forth between them over 13,000km and four years.

Mantras are tools for channeling the energy needed to overcome challenges and limitations. We use them to empower ourselves and others, and Anamika shares her mantra with her wearer by stitching and printing it into the borders, linings, and prints of her intricate garments. Feeling AK-OK can have many looks associated with it, and this collection reflects the diversity of what being AK-OK might look like from the gym to the sangeet. Anamika is inspired by what she describes as underground warriors, women who like her, battle immense challenges but are able to pull through and make the world a more caring, interesting, and beautiful place: living goddesses who are anything but just domestic and refuse to stand still on a pedestal.

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